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stl healthWelcome to Since 2002, this site has  served the St. Louis community by providing a resource and guide to local health and wellness providers in the greater metro area.  Please support the local St. Louis health care providers that support us. If you or  someone else is experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911. We believe that a healthy community makes for a happier and stronger community.

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Depending on the program and the provider, health and wellness services can be delivered through a number of different venues. Many St. Louis health providers offer internet and phone screening to cut costs for you, while others offer on-site screening. Any of these options is likely to be good. However, you should research your needs to decide which delivery method is right for you. From there, it’s a simple matter of finding a provider that offers the right delivery. For example, your employees may be perfectly fine with taking a mental health exam online, but may prefer an on-site unit for vaccinations.

You have to select a company that offers the services and programs that you need in order to offer your employees or yourself the best.

In addition to our featured advertisers, and the STL Source Network supports our community by providing free listings to local non-profit health and wellness agencies in the greater St Louis area.

St. Louis Health Resource

Local Non-Profit St. Louis Health Agencies and Care Providers

St. Louis City Health Department,                  Click Here

St. Louis County Health Department,             Click Here

Family Care Centers of St Louis

Grace Hill Health Centers                                      St Louis Regional Health Commission

US VA St Louis Health Care System                             Missouri Department of Mental Health

St Louis Mental Health Board                                            St Louis Communicable Disease Control