What is a Botox Injection?

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What is a Botox injection? What is it used for? Botox is made from botulism-causing bacteria. If the botulinum toxin enters the human body, it starts to block nerve activities in the muscles. Thus, some people require Botox injections to help treat various conditions including cervical dystonia which in plain terms means experiencing severe spasms in the muscles in the neck. Other reasons to take a Botox injection is to help treat stiff elbows and stiffness in the wrist or fingers or ankles or toes. In some cases, Botox injections are prescribed to treat extreme sweating in the underarms.

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Botox has other uses as well including in the treatment of an overactive bladder. It also helps to treat incontinence which comes about when there is a nerve disorder which can be caused by injuries to the spinal cord. Some people use Botox to treat their chronic migraine headaches. In case their migraine attack lasts for more than a fortnight in a month and each episode lasts for four hours or more, then it may become necessary to treat the condition with Botox. Return to the home page of STL Health.

Allergic to botulinum

Before taking a Botox injection you need to determine whether or not you have an allergy to the botulinum toxin. Also, these injections should not be taken if you have an infection in the area where the needle pricks the skin. It is however important to ensure that you are given the Botox injection by a trained medical professional. Even if you are taking the injections for cosmetic purposes, you must ensure that the right person is giving you the injection.

Injected into the muscle

The Botox injection must be injected into the muscle and one should not take the next injection until after three months have elapsed since the last injection. However, there is nothing to stop you from being given the injection in a different area in your body than the last injection. It all depends on what condition you are being given the injection.

Treat eye muscle problems

If you are taking the Botox injection for an eye muscle problem then it makes sense for you to use eye drops or ointments or special contact lenses to protect your eye surface. Be sure to do exactly as your doctor has prescribed.

Extreme sweating

Some patients receive the injection to treat extreme sweating in their underarms.  A helpful tip is to shave the underarms about a day ahead of your injection. It is also wise to refrain from using antiperspirants or deodorants a full day before or after receiving the injection. In addition you must also not exercise or eat hot food before receiving a botox injection. The same goes for beverages.

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How long before results show up? It bears keeping in mind that the time taken before the effects of the injection (for treating neck muscle spasms) will take up to two weeks. It may even take up to six weeks before the benefits of the injection show up. Times vary depending on the type of treatment. For example, if you treating an eye muscle spasm with Botox injections, the results may show up between a day and three days after being injected.  Find more info on plastic surgery in St. Louis.

Finally, it is important to note that the effects of these injections are only temporary. The symptoms may recur within three months. However, after repeated injections, the recurrence of symptoms may take less time. This can be due to your body starts to develop antibodies to the injected botulinum toxin.