Mammograms St. Louis

Why is it important to get a mammogram?

It is important to get a mammogram because this is the best tool to help you detect cancer at an early stage. The earlier you get to learn about cancer signs, the better you are able to defend yourself against cancer. Doctors recommend early mammogram screening as the earlier you are able to detect cancer, the lower the risk of death from the disease. In fact, early detection helps to reduce the risk of death by between 25 and 30 percent.

Mammograms St. Louis

It is commonly understood in Women’s health care should get a mammogram after they have passed their fortieth birthday and, in some cases, even earlier as it can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 75 percent. As soon as you are able to detect cancer, you can begin treatment at an early stage of the disease. This increases your chances of survival and in fact, there is no reason not to get a mammogram. Many women avoid getting their mammogram done because they are afraid of the procedure. However, the right course of action is to take good control over your life and undergo the mammogram.

Reduces cancer mortality

The simple truth is mammography cuts the risk of cancer mortality by almost forty percent. Furthermore, of every 1000 women who have undergone mammography, one hundred of them will be recalled for another round of mammography. Only twenty of them require needle biopsy and just five will be diagnosed with cancer.

Helps save lives

The truth is mammogram helps to save lives as they can detect cancer when it is still in its small stage and this means that timely treatment will give you a better chance of survival. Of every eight women, about one will get breast cancer. Screening mammograms are the very pinnacle of early detection of breast cancer and they are fully capable of detecting lumps about two to three years before a healthcare provider can feel them. Women who undergo regular mammogram screenings have a twenty-five percent better chance of survival.

Family history patients

Although women who have a family history of breast cancer are more prone to getting breast cancer themselves, the bigger risk is in women who have passed their fiftieth birthday. In fact, eighty percent of breast cancer patients are those who have passed their fiftieth birthday.

Do not feel afraid

Women should not feel afraid of mammography.tI is in fact a quick procedure that only lasts 20 minutes and does not cause much discomfort. It is a safe procedure in which you will only be exposed to minimal radiation. Women with dense breasts and those who are under fifty years of age ought to choose digital mammogram. Once they have been screened, they should take their mammogram films/results with them.

Also, after getting a mammogram from one facility, it makes sense to return for the next one after a year so that it is possible to compare mammograms year to year.

Before being screened, make sure you are not wearing a deodorant or antiperspirant as they will interfere with the results. The bottom line is mammograms are the most potent tools to detect breast cancer. Even so, it bears keeping in mind that mammograms can still not detect twenty percent of breast cancers. This is because some signs are invisible with this particular technique.

Thus, you should also be prepared to undergo self-examination of your breasts and a clinical breast examination may also be required to detect breast cancer. However, these are complimentary tools and there is in fact no substitute for mammograms.