Need a cardiologist in St. Louis? Secardiologist St. Louiseing a St Louis cardiologist is an important step in your life, especially if you are 40 or over.  Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S.A. with more than 80 million people affected by it each year. Your STL cardiologist can set you on a lifestyle path that will help you to avoid heart disease, heart attack and coronary obstructions so that you are healthier and live longer.

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Referral – If you’re doctor has referred you to a cardiologist in St Louis then you should definitely go. Even if you don’t have any symptoms that might point towards heart disease, your St. Louis doctor is worrying and so should you. Try making an appointment as soon as possible after being referred to a cardiologist, you might not know anything is wrong and you might feel perfectly healthy, but if your Doctor thinks you should see a cardiologist, then you should definitely do it.

St. Louis Heart Health – Cardiologists Phone Number  Location
 Barnes Jewish Cardiology  888-994-2885  St Louis City
 Gateway Cardiology  314-729-0088  Central County
 Heart Health Center  314-991-6969  West County
 Pediatric Heart Center & Children’s Hospital  314-454-KIDS  St Louis City
 SSM Heart Institute  314-768-8000  Central County
 St. Louis Cardiology  314-839-5522  North County
 STL Heart and Vascular  314-741-0911  West County
 Washington University Cardiovascular  314-747-3031  Central County

Chest Pain – Chest pain of any kind is bad. Whether you have sharp, stabbing pains in your chest, the tight feeling of ‘bands’ wrapped around your chest or even a dull thudding in your heart, they can all be signs of heart disease and of an imminent heart attack. Often, chest pain is caused by arteries clogged by cholesterol, if not treated; this can lead to a potentially fatal heart attack. It is important to make an appointment with a St Louis cardiologist after feeling any kind of chest pain. No matter how minor the pain is, making an appointment could easily save your life.

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Arrhythmia – Arrhythmia or the irregular beating of the heart is common symptom that many people experience throughout their life.  Arrhythmia can include your heart beating too slow, too fast or at an irregular pace. Some people are born with heart defects that cause the heart to naturally beat irregularly; these people should have regular checkups with a cardiologist in St Louis. If you do not usually experience Arrhythmia or it becomes regular or upsetting, you should make an appointment with your cardiologist. On occasion, arrhythmia will start because your heart is not working properly and is struggling due to cholesterol or heart disease.

Age & Diet – If you are over 40 then you are at a greater risk for heart disease and heart attack. It is important to take your age into consideration and schedule regular checkups with a cardiologist. Another important consideration, especially if you are over 40, is your diet. If you eat unhealthy meals or consume a large amount of fats or cholesterol, you should consider seeing your cardiologist. A cardiologist can examine your heart, make sure that you are healthy and set you on a path to eating right and living longer.

Remember, the best way to avoid visiting a St Louis cardiologist is to take care of your heart. Avoid fatty foods, limit your egg intake and remember to eat 2-4 servings of fish per week. A healthy diet is rich in olive oil, tomatoes, omega 3 fatty acids. More importantly, it low in high cholesterol fats that can damage your heart. However; changing your diet cannot prevent heart disease and it will take several years to cure damage done by years of unhealthy eating.

Did you know?

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