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colon hydrotherapy St. LouisColon Hydrotherapy or a colon rinse is a procedure that cleans out the waste matter, It is an effective method of detoxing your digestive system.  A clean colon is vital to eliminating the toxic waste that builds up in the body.  More and more healthy individuals are having colonics to clean their digestive system or simply just to feel better.  Please use this site as a resource in finding our more about what a colon rinse is.

St. Louis Colon Cleanse

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A colonic, colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation is the process of using water to flush out the colon in order to clean it and restore proper use. Studies show that over time, waste builds up in the colon and inhibits the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself and work properly. During a colonic; warm water is flushed up the rectum to wash out waste so that your digestive system can function properly.

Who Gets Colonic Hydrotherapy in St Louis? – There are hundreds of different types of people in STL who receive colonic hydrotherapy as part of their healthy lifestyle. These include St. Louis athletes who wish to speed up their metabolism, recovering accident patients wishing to speed their recovery, people who are changing their lifestyle to healthy dieting who would like to flush remaining wastes from their system and many more.

While many different people use a colonic treatment, they are all trying to improve the function of their body. STL Health providers will often even ask patients to get a colonic before a surgery or test to improve results.

Colon Rinse St. Louis

Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy – There are hundreds of benefits of a colonic. First, built up waste can be toxic and as it is flushed away, your body will respond by returning to full health. Built up waste can also cause constipation, discomfort and blockage of your colon which can result in mis-shaped muscles, a deformed colon and even colonic intrusion on surrounding organs

A colonic will first wash out the waste in the colon so that the colonic muscles can re-form into their natural position. This removes any pressure that might have built up around your other organs. The colonic will also gently exercise your colonic muscles as the water flows into your large intestine. This will create an overall sense of well-being throughout your body and will strengthen your colon so that you can use it more easily.

Many people also use the colonic to remove parasitic infections such as worms from the colon. The flush of water, especially when parasitic killing herbs such as garlic are added, gently removes and washes out the parasites without causing any adverse effects to the body.

Colon Cleanse

The colonic can also be used to reduce weight. First, unwanted wastes are flushed from the body. Surprisingly, these wastes can weigh as much as a few pounds by themselves. After removing the waste, your body feels healthier and your metabolism will work more quickly to remove toxic substances from your body before they turn into fat.

A colonic is a natural form of medicine that helps your body to heal without pills, drugs or surgery. While it can be slightly invasive, the benefits are worth it. Furthermore, it can improve the look and feel of your body immensely. Best of all, the colonic helps your entire body to feel healthy and happy. If you are considering getting a colon rinse, you should ask your St Louis doctor first and always make sure that you are going to a licensed St Louis physician for your colonic. You should be able to get a great recommendation for a St Louis physician offering colonics from your doctor.

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