Health and Wellness Areas

Acupuncture is a holistic practice based on the belief or releasing the blocked energy inside the body. Find info about acupuncture in St. Louis.

Addiction can include a number of things including alcohol, drug, gambling, or more. Find info about addiction treatment in St. Louis.

Allergies can be a problem for STL folks. Find out more about allergists and allergy treatment in St. Louis.

Asthma happens when airways narrow producing mucus. Here is more info about asthma care in St. Louis.

Alternative Healthcare: includes treating the body with out prescription drugs. Find out more about alternative healthcare in St. Louis

Arthritis: refers to joint pain and disease. Find more info about arthritis health in St. Louis.

Assisted Living: is the dignified care and well being of seniors and others needed added care. More info about Assisted Living in St. Louis

Autism: consists of a number of different areas of the spectrum. More info about autism services in St. Louis.

Cancer:  Visit this page to find out more about cancer treatment in St. Louis.

Cardiology: involves heart health and treatment. Contact a cardiologist in St. Louis.

Chiropractor:  Check out this resource about chiropractors and chiropractic care in St. Louis.

Colon Hydrotherapy: This treatment and therapy has grown in popularity. More info about Colonics in St. Louis

Cosmetic – Plastic Surgery: Visit our resource for info about cosmetic surgery in St. Louis.

Dentists and Dental Care: Check out this resource for more info about dentists in St. Louis.

Dermatology: A dermatologists treats skin conditions. Find a dermatologist in St. Louis.

Diabetes: Diabetes is a condition where there is too much sugar in the blood. More info about diabetes care in St. Louis.

Fitness – Exercise: Resource providing info about fitness classes and trainers in St. Louis.

Health – Life Coaching: The right coach can benefit many aspects of your life. Find a health – life coach in St. Louis.

Hearing Aids – Audiology: An audiologist can help help improve your hearing. More info about hearing aids in St. Louis.

Home Care: Healthcare is health treatment and monitoring in your own home. Find info about home care in St. Louis.

Infertility – Fertility Treatment: Find info about a fertility doctor in St. Louis.

Laser Hair Removal: Resource providing info about local providers of laser hair removal in St. Louis

Massage: STL Massage provides info about if you are looking for a certified massage therapist in St. Louis.

Medical Equipment: Resource featuring data of medical equipment supply in St. Louis.

Meditation: This STL Health page provides info about meditation groups in St. Louis.

Mental Health: This section provides info about mental health treatment in St. Louis.

Naturopathic: This area of STL Health includes info about practitioners of naturopathic medicine in St. Louis.

Nutrition: If you are looking for nutrition info visit this page to find anutritionist in St. Louis.

OBGYN – Women’s Health: This section provides info and resources of those providing Women’s healthcare in St. Louis.

Physical Therapy: Guide for finding info about a physical therapist in St. Louis.

Pilates: Check out this section to find info about STL Pilates or a Pilates studio in St. Louis.

Podiatry: A podiatrist is a doctor that concentrates on the feet. Find a podiatrist in St. Louis.

Quit Smoking: It is no secret that smoking is detrimental to your health. Find a resource for quitting smoking St. Louis.

Reiki: Reiki involves healing through energy transfer. Visit this page for info about Reiki in St. Louis.

Spas: Resource featuring info for those seeking a health spa in St. Louis.

Self Defense: Information for those looking for info about taking a self defense class in St. Louis.

Speech Therapy: Information for those looking for a speech therapist in St. Louis

Spinning – Spin Class: Information with info about finding a spinning class in St. Louis

STDs – Sexual Health: Provides info about STD treatment in St. Louis

Urgent Care: Resource for those seeking a nearby urgent care in St. Louis

Varicose Veins: This section provides info about varicose vein treatment in St. Louis.

Vet – Animal Health: STL Vet provides info for those seeking a local animal hospital or vet in St. Louis.

Vision – Eye Care: Information for those seeking an optometrist for eye care in St. Louis

Weight Loss: This page offers resources and counseling in regards to weight loss in St. Louis.

Yoga: This page features info for those looking for a yoga class in St. Louis.