Hearing Aids

Looking for hearing aids in St. Louis? Hearing aids are digital devices that help to amplify sound in order to aid your hearing. You might need hearing aids if you have suffered ear damage due to disease, loud noises, age or even an accident or fall. Whatever you need hearing aids for; you have to know that you have the best and newest hearing aids on the market today. There are many different types of hearing aids on the market today. Different people have different hearing needs and different ears and will require different hearing aids. It is important to get the one that is right for you.

Reduced Size: The best thing about new types of hearing aids is that they are smaller in size and lighter. Older models of hearing aids will protrude from your ear and be highly visible. Many new types of hearing aids will be nearly invisible

Analog Filters : Analog filters can be controlled through either a control module or through the hearing aid itself. Analog filters work to cut out white noise and adjust to different cuts of sound.

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Analog Amplifiers: These are one of the most important parts of new types of hearing aids. Analog amplifiers allow you to hear sound more clearly than digital amplifiers while giving you a greater range of sound. Depending on the level of your hearing loss, you can set an analog amplifier in your hearing aid to adjust to low, hi, and slope. Analog amplifiers also adjust to the shape of your ear so that you get the highest quality sound amplification from your hearing aid. This is great if you like to listen to music or simply appreciate sound as it was naturally intended.

Programmable Digital Signature Processors available in St Louis: Programmable digital signature processors allow you to digitally program the signals, volume levels, tones, and levels in your hearing aids. Programmable digital signature processors are great because they allow you the convenience of adjusting your hearing aids without pushing tiny buttons, going through tricky sequences or even taking your hearing aids out. They allow you to shape and tune any amplifier (even tiny ones) using a computer. This allows convenience and ease of access to your hearing aid modifications.

Multiple Types of available Hearing Aids in St Louis: Today’s hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes to suit not only your ears but your level of hearing as well. Behind hear hearing aids offer the most hearing aid but are also the most bulky. They come with a plastic strap that fixes behind your ear to hold the device in place. In ear hearing aids are smaller and fit completely in your ears. These offer less sound amplification but are almost invisible, unless you tell someone you are wearing them, they will likely never know. Canal hearing aids are designed to fit into your ear and are custom made for you. These are usually the most expensive but also the most comfortable. Canal aids are usually best for those who are not intending to remove and adjust them as they can be extremely difficult to take out and work with. However; it is impossible to tell someone is wearing them.

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