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St. Louis home careFinding a St Louis home care provider does not have to be difficult. You are probably faced with difficult decisions including money, personality and qualifications. It is important to get the right home care provider. In many cases, they can be the difference between life and death for you or for your loved one. Having someone to take care of you can mean more than helping you up and getting you to the bathroom if you cannot walk. It can also mean delivering medication on time, preparing meals and assisting in case of a fall or stumble.

St. Louis Home Care 

St. Louis Home Care Providers Phone Number  Location
 Active Angels  314-524-4200  North County
 Age at Home Care  314-968-8500  Central County
 Algonquin Nurses  314-822-8158  Metro Area
 All Family Home Care  314-544-1515  South County
 Assistance Home Care  636-724-4357  Metro Area
 Continuum Care  314-863-9912  St Louis City
 Good Samaritan Senior Care  314-849-4111  South County
 Home Instead Senior Care  314-862-4663  Central County
 Medinurse  314-781-2800  West County
 Right at Home Care  314-567-5545  St Louis City
 Senior Helpers  314-266-5908  Webster Groves
 Senior Services Unlimited  314-646-8131  St Louis City
 Synergy Home Care  314-835-1100  West County

Home Care St. Louis

  • Missouri State License – Most states ask that home care providers be licensed. Usually, these providers are frequently reviewed to ensure that their skills and abilities are up to par with state minimums. If you are in a state that doesn’t demand this license, you can still look for a licensed care provider in order to ensure the quality of your care.
  • Medicare Certified – You should also look for a St Louis home care agency that has been Medicare certified. Even if you do not receive Medicare, the certification states that the home care provider meets Federal quality standards.
  • Accredited – Government commissions such as the Joint Commission will regularly evaluate and survey home care providers. Providers who pass the survey are given an accreditation or guarantee of quality.

STL Home Care

  • Care Provider Background – You should also check with your St Louis home care provider agency to ask if they have done an employee screening and background check on your home care provider. It is important to know that your provider has good background in order to ensure your safety.
  • Care Provider References – It’s also a good idea to get a few references from the care providers previous clients or teachers. If you know what their previous patients thought of them, you can make a much more informed decision about hiring him/her to take care of you.
  • Credentials – What are your home care provider’s credentials? Do they have an associate’s degree? A certification? Are they working their first job or do they have ten years of experience? You should check to make sure that the home care provider has the training and experience you need.
  • Your Needs – Similar to the last tip, your home care provider has to be able to meet your needs. If you just need help around the house and getting in and out of a wheelchair, you might not need a great deal of technical knowledge. However; if you need someone to change a dialysis machine, monitor your medication or more, you need someone who is trained, experienced and can do the job right.

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