Medical Equipment

medical equipment St. LouisMedical equipment and supply stores include any item intended for medical care, and are usually available to patients as well as nurses and hospices. From diabetic management to daily living aids, you can find most of the medical supplies you need at any of these stores. The following items are commonly sold at medical equipment and supply stores both on and offline.

Medical Equipment St. Louis

St. Louis Medical Equipment Phone Number  Location
 Larson’s Medical Supply  314-724-1221  St. Louis City
 Medical West  314-725-1888  St. Louis County
 Mediequip  314-892-7000  South County
 Medresources  636-530-4500  West County
 Mobility Scooter Dealers  314-282-5550  Online
 Provider Plus  314-961-8500  St. Louis County
 USA Medical and Surgical Supplies  888-215-0718  Brentwood
 Spirit Walk-In Tubs  636-614-1472  West County and St. Charles

Daily Living Aids – Daily living aids are intended for anyone who needs help with day to day life, including pain management and light therapy. In some cases, daily living aids qualify as wheelchairs, bathroom aids, and more. However, not all products are available at every store. Therefore, it is always important to check. Some of the other items that might be available include medical nutrition items, protein shakes, bathroom security aids, and more. Once again, ask about any specific item before going to a store to check for it.

Crutches, Walkers, and Canes – Crutches, Walkers, and Canes are always available in medical equipment and supply stores. There are usually a lot of different styles and types. From standard walkers to benefit the elderly, to crutches and walkers designed to benefit those recovering from surgery, it is always possible to find walking aids at medical supply stores.

Medical Supply St. Louis

Wheelchairs and Transports – Wheelchairs and transports are also frequently available at these stores. Depending on the store, wheelchair lifts, different types of wheelchairs, transport chairs, and many different brands might be available. This also means different prices and budgets depending on the features and functions of the wheelchair.

Diabetes Management – Diabetes management supplies including blood tests, charts, insulin syringes, and monitors are almost always available as well. Many also include blood glucose strips, diabetic socks, ankle supports, and more. Usually the supplies available via medical equipment stores will not include any that are required to be purchased with a prescription.

Pain Relief Management – Pain relief management supplies that are available at these stores are also somewhat limited to anything available without a prescription, but still limited. Usually standard over the counter pain relief medication, hot packs, cold packs, and heat therapy items are also included.

Medical Clothing – Medical clothing ranging from scrubs to rubber gloves are often available at medical equipment and supply stores. These items are usually sold for both home and professional use, although options might vary per store. Patient gowns for wearing in bed might also be available but once again it does depend on the individual store.

For the most part, St. Louis medical equipment and supply stores specialize in medical supplies that can be purchased without a prescription or doctor permit. Usually this includes wheel chairs, medical gowns, crutches, walkers, canes, pain relief items, medical clothing, and some specialized items such as for bariatric care or for mastectomies. Usually individual items do vary per store. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check what you might need on a website, or call to ask about an item you need before you need it.

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