St. Louis meditationMeditation has long been applauded due to its amazing health benefits to people especially to their health. Many individuals choose to meditate in order relax and experience deep sense of peace within. Part of the increasing popularity of meditation is its wealth of amazing healing and healthful benefits. These include the following: Relieves chronic pain: Studies revealed that even when done at home, meditation practice provide relief to those who are suffering from chronic pain. There are types of medication that targets significantly reducing pain in some parts of the body. Meditation can also help patients by supporting their pain coping or pain reduction pursuits.

Meditation St. Louis

Life Bliss Meditation
Life Bliss Foundation is a worldwide movement for meditation and healing. With 1000 centres in 33 countries and 30 Nithyananda Meditation Academies (NMAs) around the globe, the Nithyananda mission offers myriad meditation programs. It works towards transformation of humanity and global peace through transformation of the individual.

Meditation in St. Louis

St. Louis Meditation Phone Number  Location
 Art of Living  314-399-9405  Maryland Heights
 Beyond Relaxation  314-420-0726  Central West End
 Improved Healing  314-921-3366  North County
 Life Bliss Meditation
 Meditation Lounge  314-441-6929  Central County
 Shinzo Zen Meditation Center  314-254-3243  University City
 Sound Mind Therapy  314-499-9144  Central County
 St. Louis Wellness Center  314-963-7711  Webster Groves

Discover the Amazing and Healthful Benefits of Meditation

Reduces Stress: Individuals practicing meditation are proven to have lower heart rates and stress levels. These people also have higher nitrates in their blood which helps in regulating blood pressure level and keeping it at normal range. If you start meditating, you will surely experience significant drop on your stress level.

St. Louis Meditation

Slows Down Aging: One effective way on how meditation works is that this increase activities of telomerase, a known enzyme that lengthens and protects telomeres. Telomeres pertain to protective caps on the end of every DNA strand and its length acts as the marker of more accelerated aging. It has been found out that individuals, especially women who practice meditation significantly have longer telomeres than those who do not meditate.

Reduce Stroke, Heart Attack and Blood Pressure: Studies also revealed that meditation lowers blood pressure and prevents heart disease. High blood pressure, heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death today so practicing meditation is vital to save yourself from suffering from these life threatening diseases.

Improves Sleep: Cyclic meditation, a type of meditation that combines the yoga postures with a supine rest is known to help improve a person’s sleep. Nights following meditation practice, individuals experience fewer numbers of late nigh awakenings and have reported feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed the next morning.

Improve Lung and Heart Functions: Another amazing healthful benefit of meditation is that it improves heart and lung functions. After couple of weeks of meditating, individuals are able to feel and experience the improvements.

Alleviates Depression: Meditation can also eliminate symptoms of depression. This tends to make an individual feel more relaxed and less pressured.

These are actually just few of the many healthful benefits of meditation. Some other benefits include reducing headaches, treating addictions, decreases tensions and anxiety attacks, decreases joint pains, treat ulcers and more.

Meditation actually lots of benefits on physical level and mental aspects. Many individuals practicing meditation also shares more other benefits such as improvements on mood and behavior, source of energy or energy level, improving  emotional stability, increasing happiness and helping individuals maintain a balanced life. Meditation can make you calm and this can make you more aware of your consciousness and inner attitude that bring perfection and determine your happiness.

If you wanted to experience all these healthful benefits, try meditating now and see for yourself how it can improve your health and change your life.

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