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counseling St. LouisThere are a number of types of things a mental health professional can help you with. On a number of occasions, very many of us find ourselves in situations which are neither desirable nor to our liking. It is not necessarily our own doing either. However, we continue to face those situations, problems, discomforts, inconveniences and sometimes even illnesses. Though the concerned individual is the first victim, the people who are around him at home, at workplace and who interact with him on a regular basis also often feel the pain of that person and sometimes, they too suffer in the process. More often than not, such situations are not capable of being measured in numerical terms on a given scale.

Mental Health St. Louis

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In situations such as above, a mental health professional can be of immense help. Let us examine this issue in some details here.

Mental Health Care St. Louis

There are many types of mental health professionals. Broadly speaking, there are mental health professionals who have medical qualifications with specializations and related experience. Such professionals often prescribe medicines for treating the ailments or diseases. On the other hand, there are others who are not medically qualified, though many of them have done their doctorates and specializations and are practicing as expert medical health professionals. The former category includes Psychiatrists while Psychologists would generally fall in the latter category.

Some of the commonly known mental health professionals are as under:


Clinical Psychologists

School Psychologists

Licensed Professional Counselors

Mental Health Counselors and

Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors

As the common everyday stress is increasing at a fast pace with every passing day, so is the role of a mental health professional increasing in the common man’s life. Seeking help from a mental health professional is of paramount importance as neglecting a medical condition for long can have its own repercussions. Some of the things a mental health professional can help you with are discussed below.

1. Excessive distress

All of us invariably face distress in our day-to-day lives in varying degrees. Feelings of unexplained sadness, fear, helplessness, irritability, anxiety, anger and confusion fall in the category of distress or distressful situations. While it may not be possible to completely avoid such situations, their intensity and frequency will determine if it’s a border line case that calls for a consultation with a mental health professional to prevent the situation from worsening.

STL Mental Health

2. Difficulties in normal functioning

Tell-tale signs that it’s time to approach a mental health professional may include the following situations:

Finding it difficult to complete normal activities.

Difficulties in interacting with friends and strangers.

Damage caused to some valuable relationships such as family and friends.

Avoiding situations because of built-up anxiety levels.

Alcohol or drug use interfering with academic or other performance.

3. Psychotherapy

Talking about your problems with a mental health professional is called psychotherapy. Individual sessions as well as those for couples and family sessions are common forms of psychotherapy. Treatment may be short term or long term lasting many sessions.

In addition to the above mentioned situations, a mental health professional can also help you in case of suicidal tendencies, depression, dementia, alcohol or drug abuse and many other conditions.

Missouri Department of Mental Health

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