Physical Therapy

St. Louis physical therapistA physical therapist provides treatment to individuals experiencing trouble with movement caused by aging, injury, or disease. Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitative health that utilizes exercise along with equipment to help people regain their physical abilities or to improve them. Physical therapy works by showing you how to minimize your physical impairment in order to function in the world. There are many types of things that a physical therapist can help you with including back pain, stroke, arthritis, brain injury, neurological disorders, before and after pregnancy problems, breathing problems, multiple sclerosis, neck pain, balance disorders, orthopedic injuries, and spinal cord injuries. The list can go on and on. This is just the tip of the ice berg in the types of things a St. Louis physical therapist can assist you with.

How Does a STL Physical Therapist Help You? Anyone who has ever visited a physical therapist will tell you that they evaluate and measure certain things like: mobility, speed, flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, movement, cardiovascular endurance, and respiratory endurance. Once these things have been evaluated and measured to see the severity of the problem, the therapist will discuss ways to help the person improve their physical abilities. They take into consideration the functional skills of the person and their need to move around the home and community to lead a productive and satisfying life.

St. Louis Physical Therapy

St. Louis Physical Therapy Phone Number  Location
 Advanced Training and Rehab  314-909-4848  North County
 Apex Network Physical Therapy  314-442-6249  West County
 Excel Sports  636-949-3926  St. Charles
 Pain Relief Associates  636-978-3000  St. Charles
 Peak Sport & Spine  314-539-9800  Downtown
 Pro Rehab  314-678-1008  St. Louis City
 RACE Physical Therapy  314-646-8880  Maplewood
 Rehab 1 Network  314-521-3000  North County
 SSM Physical Therapy  314-768-5375  Central County
 Telegraph Road Physical Therapy  314-894-9008  South County
 Theraplus  314-821-8304  Central County

Physical Therapy in St. Louis

There are several types of programs that might be used according to your physical impairment. The physical therapist’s main goal is to help you move in your environment successfully. This may be through gait training, standing programs, working with prostheses or orthodics, balance training, artificial limb fitting and training how to use the limb, training on motor control, and muscle retraining are just a sample of the programs a physical therapist may use to help you move about your environment. They are also trained on wheelchair and seating to help you sit comfortably if this is the best option for you.

What Should a Session With a Physical Therapist Include?

Any reputable physical therapist in St. Louis should address several things with a person receiving treatment. They should get the history of how you injured yourself, the type of pain you are experiencing, and what makes the pain better or worse. They should give you a complete physical examination, asking you to move certain ways so the therapist can determine what cause pain and what decreases pain. The type of treatment you need depends upon your condition. If you have a back injury, the therapy may include a combination of exercises, massage, ice, and heat. The therapist may use electrical stimulation to stimulate the injured area in your back so it will heal itself faster. Usually the therapist also recommends a home program of stretches and things to avoid doing like lifting in the wrong way. Once there is proof that the back is healing, the therapist will usually allow more activity such as exercise to help continue the healing process. The therapist will also discuss how to prevent the injury from reoccurring and may suggest a back support to assist in range of motion.

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