reiki St. LouisWhat is Reiki? Simply put Reiki is a self healing therapy. It is an age old Japanese holistic healing technique which alleviates pain and elevates relaxation. So much illness and disease is caused from stress. You may not think you are stressed or feel that there are any stressors around you but endless traffic jams, racing to and from schools, work deadlines, financial commitments, relationship issues, demanding children, the list goes on, are all adding to the stress we encounter on a daily basis. While it is true that we cannot remove some of these stresses, we do not have to allow our reaction to them have a negative impact on our health. We can change the way we react to the stress which results in less trauma on our body. This trauma is when we feel very unbalanced. Reiki allows us to rebalance our systems and to build our immunity to illness, disease and mental fatigue.

 Reiki in St. Louis

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Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. This is the energy which is all around us. Reiki simply taps into to this and channels it through our body to create balance. We can all access Reiki. It is not a unique gift for certain people. We all have Reiki and we can all use it. We are all born with it. It is part of us. Some use this universal energy and use it all the time in their daily lives. It is just a natural part of them while others have unfortunately lost their ability to use and awareness of this energy. This can happen as we grow from childhood to adulthood. A lot of the time our emotional baggage gets in the way and our channels become cluttered with past experiences, traumas, stress and negativity.

St. Louis Reiki

So how can we get it back?

Reiki is simply bringing back that energy into our conscious mind. It is an awakening and a new awareness of this beautiful healing energy. There are many ways to do this. One such way is through reiki. In the western world Reiki is taught in 3 levels. You can decide to take each of these levels when ever you feel you are ready to go ahead to the next level. It is advisable to do as much Reiki healing between levels as you can.

Each level can be learned in a weekend workshop. The Reiki Master passes the Reiki to the student in a series of attunements. This enlightens the student to the Reiki energy. For some people this can be a very spiritual and awakening experience. Level one is very much about re-activating the flow of Reiki and learning self-healing techniques and how to help friend’s and family heal. This is a fantastic therapy you can use on yourself. It has helped so many people to change how they react to stress and to induce total relaxation which enables the body to repair itself.

During a level two workshop, which, can be taken as little as a few months after level one if you feel drawn to it, you are introduced to a higher level Reiki of energy. Sacred symbols are passed on to you and it is possible to send Reiki to the past, present and future. At this stage you have the ability to practice Reiki professionally if you wish to. It is not essential or a requirement that you take all the levels of Reiki and some people are very happy to stay on level one or two. Many wait between level one and two until they feel need to progress which is usually after plenty self-healing has happened and reiki is a part of their daily lives.

The next level is level three and this is the Master level. This is for those who are ready to seek more Reiki learning and experience. It allows you to teach Reiki and to attune others into the Reiki healing system.

Reiki workshops are run regularly in Wicklow Town. If you are interested in learning more about reiki or attending a workshop, please contact me:

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