Soft Tissue Manipulation Clinic

Aromassage St. LouisThe Soft Tissue Manipulation Clinic of St. Louis is a licensed professional service providing ancillary treatment to help patients recover from injuries, reduce post-operative discomfort, accelerate healing, relieve chronic pain, and maintain wellness; patients are frequently referred by their physicians. The goal of treatment is to address the root cause of pain and not just the symptoms, in order to achieve long-term relief. Treatment is provided by Daniel Lacroix, Massage Therapist from France, who earned his license at The Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition, Daniel has trained extensively at The Upledger Institute, internationally renowned for its “hands-on” therapeutic approach to enhancing health. Daniel has also studied with John Barnes, P.T., Founder of the Myofascial Release Treatment Center in Arizona, and a world-renowned authority on the technique.

Daniel is a French therapist specializing in soft tissue manipulation.  His work is a combination of myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage and energy therapy. Daniel experienced the benefits of this approach during his own journey to healing. Many of his patients are referred by physicians and medical staff for relief of symptoms from chronic pain, car accident injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, cancer, and surgery. He feels very blessed to share what he has learned from world-renowned therapists with his patients.

Soft Tissue Manipulation Clinic & Spiritual Wellness
7306 Wise Ave
St. Louis, MO 63117