Spinning – Spin Class

The Benefits Of Spinning And Taking A Spin Class For Fitness

Taking a spinning workout shed your calories in one of the most effective ways possible while helping you relieve stress. It basically involves working out on a bicycle bike which contains various levels mainly in terms of the ‘hardness’ to pedal the bike.  The greater level you set it at, the harder you will have to pedal the bike. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of a spin workout:

  • The amount of calories burnt in the spinning workout is huge as compared to those in other workouts. For instance, a 45 minute spin workout can easily burn 500 calories. But note that this amount depends on the level you set on the machine.
  • Spinning workout is one of the best possible ways to develop toned muscles. The exercised usually focuses on the thigh and buttocks muscles as well as the core muscles in your hand. While pedaling the calves and thighs are given the most stress and maintaining an appropriate position can also help you tone your abdominal muscles.
  • Spinning also helps in developing endurance. If you are facing excessive tiredness even after a small exertion, it is best to improve your cardio endurance through spinning.
  • Also while the exercise is extremely productive, it does not put stress on the knees. Therefore even patients with arthritis can undertake this exercise.
  • Spinning classes allow people to socialize while working out. Also since the exercise is intensive, it is more effective in releasing stress.
  • Spinning is less injury prone compared to other running exercises. But it is recommended to stretch before the class so that you do not experience a muscle catch.
  • Machines on which spinning is undertaken measure the speed, your pulse and heart rate and also helps you set goals and achieve them. Therefore, you can keep a continuous track of your exercise and always try to push further.
  • A spinning class maybe performed indoors or outdoors. Therefore, it is weather independent. Other exercises like jogging etc. cannot be undertaken during the extreme hot or cold months of the year, but a spinning class can be taken up during any time.

All in all, spinning is one of the most recommended exercises for youth and the old alike since it helps in endurance, helps you regain fitness in your legs, while socializing. It is a great workout with friends! Happy spinning!