St. Louis Health Directory

St Louis Health and Wellness Directory

 St. Louis Health – Wellness Provider  Phone Number
 Algonquin Nurses Home Health Care  314-822-8158  Home Health Care in St Louis
 Asthma and Allergy Foundation of St. Louis  314-645-2022  Asthma and Allergy
 Assistance Home Care  636-724-4357  Home Health Care in St. Louis
 Barnes Jewish Hospital  314-747-3000  Hospital in Central West End
 Blue Element Salon  314-725-1200  Clayton Beauty Salon and Spa
 Cardinal Glennon’s Children’s Hospital  314-577-5600  Children’s Hospital in CWE
 Family Partners Adult Day Services  314-686-4444  Adult Day Care, Assisted Living
 Herbalife  866-866-4744  Local HerbaLife Distributor
 Indigo Massage and Wellness  314-276-9882  Certified Massage and Yoga
 Interactive Therapy  314-541-3283  St. Louis Speech Therapist
 In Your Prime Counseling  314-492-4242  Counseling & Therapy
 Laser Lipo Center  636.594.8371  Laser and Cosmetic Lipo
 Laser Vein Center  314-627-5999  Varicose Vein Removal
 Life Bliss Meditation   Meditation
 Lindsay Walden, MA, LPC   314-485-9189  Licensed Therapist
 Missouri Baptist Hospital  314-966-5600  Hospital
 Mobility Scooter Dealers  Mobility Scooter Dealers and Companies
 Spirit Walk-In Bathtubs   636-614-4172  Walk-In Bathtubs
 St. Alexius Hospital  314-865-7000  Hospital
 St Anthony’s Hospital  314-525-1000  Hospital
 St Louis Children’s Hospital  314-454-6000  Children’s Hospital
 St. Louis City Health Department
 St Louis County Health Department
 St Louis University Hospital  314-577-8000
 St Luke’s Hospital  314-434-1500  Hospital
 St Mary’s Hospital  314-768-8764  Hospital
 Valerie Thomure  Health Coach, Nutrition
 Walk-In Tub Store  636-397-0900  Medical Equipment – Mobility