Vet in St. Louis

vet in St. Louis

Looking for a vet in St. Louis? Your pet is important which is why it’s important to find the right St. Louis vet or animal hospital. There are multiple St Louis veterinarians in your area, most of which are probably suitable for your pet. However; you should consider the needs of your pet, your budget and the personality of the veterinarian before choosing one. Finding a veterinarian can coincide with getting a new pet, moving to a new location or leaving an old, unsuitable vet in search of a better one, whatever reason you are looking for a new veterinarian, these tips should help.

St. Louis Vet 

St. Louis Vets and Animal CarePhone Number Location
 Banfield Pet Hospital 314-704-5799 St Louis County
 Big Bend Veterinary Clinic 314-781-6121 Central County
 Brentwood Animal Hospital 314-962-2900 West County
 Chesterfield Veterinary Center 314-469-1700 West County
 Clarkson Wilson Veterinary Clinic 636-530-1808 West County
 Dr. Frick’s Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic 636-549-9100 West County
 Hillside Animal Hospital 314-645-6879 St. Louis City
 Kingsbury Animal Hospital 314-721-6251 Central County
 Kirkwood Animal Hospital 314-965-2660 Kirkwood
 Normandy Animal Hospital 314-383-4677 North County
 Watson Road Veterinary Clinic 314-644-0548 St. Louis City

Animal Hospital St. Louis

Ask Friends And Family – Chances are your family and friends have pets and chances are they take them to veterinarians. Try asking around to see which vets in St Louis are recommended and which ones are warned against. Friends and family can be an invaluable resource when it comes to locating the best vet, especially if you live in a smaller town.

Schedule an Appointment – The best way to check out your STL vet is to schedule an appointment. Take your pet in for a check-up and see how the animal is treated and if your pet gets along well with the vet. Your pet should be nervous and possibly scared but not frightened. A good vet will know how to handle your pet.  You can also try talking with anyone who happens to be in the waiting room, most of them should be happy to let you know what they think about the vet.

AAHA Accredited – It is important that your vet be AAHA accredited. The American Animal Hospital Association accredits veterinarians in order to ensure their quality. If your vet doesn’t have this accreditation, you might want to consider going elsewhere.


Services – You should always remember to check what services your veterinarian offers. Do they have ex-rays? Do they have overnight service? What pain medications are used? Does the vet refer special patients to more qualified individuals? You should ask about all of these initial questions during your first check-up. You should choose a vet that offers services your pet will need and use.

Cost – Some vets cost more than others and usually for good reason. While you do want something you can afford, you also want veterinary care that suits your pet. Try asking average prices before your checkup so that you can decide which St Louis health vet to choose based on what you can afford.

Specialization – Some St Louis vets specialize in the care of specific animals. For example, you can find veterinarians in STL that specifically work with dogs, vets that work with cats, reptiles or etc. The larger your city is, the more likely you are to find a vet that specializes in your pet. Choosing a specialized vet means that your pet will receive better care from someone who is focusing on your pet rather than on multiple animals. However; specialists will often cost a great deal more than an ordinary veterinarian.

Remember, even if you choose the wrong veterinarian, it’s easy to move on to a new one. Simple request a transcript of your pets medical record and set up an appointment with a new vet.

Vet and Animal Associations in St. Louis

Humane Society of St Louis         Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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